Marcue is a company specialising in the development and sale of security products, based on safes and strongboxes. Although it is thought that the market in strongboxes and safes has followed a unique growth focussed on a luxury market, in reality 98% of robberies are from middle class households and homes.  We therefore began to investigate how to meet the demand from the middle class market. From this initial concern, we considered that every home should be able to have a strong box to safeguard those belongings and valuables that have emotional and intrinsic value and are irreplaceable.


After more than 20 years’ experience in the security sector we are supported by a team of specialist engineers. We subject our boxes to the toughest tests for resistance and practicality, to ensure all our customers’ needs are meet. We are committed to maintaining our production in Europe and in doing so supporting the growth and sustainability of our economy.


Here we unveil our two flagship security products, Kabila and Aarum Curve,

New concepts in rigorous security at affordable prices. A revolution in practical security, never before achieved.


The invention has been awarded a European Patent -number 14382476-, and has been granted the PCT International Patent 2015/077869.

We offer you these exciting features and benefits of our products


Intrigued by the design of our boxes? This design guarantees maximum security:  it is equipped with a system of anti-tamper locks and an intruder alarm to prevent a forced entry to the safe, making it impossible to break into.

Additionally, its cylindrical design offers two great advantages over traditional products, its versatility in terms of installation in either wall or floor, and its extraordinary capacity for discreet hidden installation.

Only small safes and strongboxes of low volume can be built-in and obtain recommended levels of security, since superficially mounted safes and strongboxes can be forcibly removed from their positions. 

Equipped with a water tight cover, to prevent water and dirt ingress to the safe when installed in a floor.

Equipped with a telescopic system which permits adjustment to any depth of wall or floor which conforms to the installation specifications, avoiding the inconvenience of a model with a fixed size. In addition, it guarantees a quicker, easier and more economical installation. 



The manufacture is based on a mix of stainless steel, chromed steel and ABS achieved a high level of security, with less weight and without high costs.

In our demonstration videos, we introduce both products to allow you to appreciate their revolutionary innovative features.


We are here to keep your secrets...

High Security

Subjected to the strictest tests of security against break-in, for both the lock and the door.

Innovation and design

The development of the construction represents a revolution in the innovation and concept of safes and strongboxes.


The first safe able to be both hidden and camouflaged.

Suitable for Wall or Floor mounting

Includes accessories for in-floor installation.

Our Creations


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