Kabila Model

Kabila, security and elegance



The security and elegance of a strongbox capable of being hidden. Made from 3.5mm (1/8th inch) thickness satin-finished chrome steel, and weighing only 5.4 kgs (less than 12lbs).



Thanks to the telescopic design, it can be installed in any Wall or floor. Adjustable in size from 140mm (5,5 inches) minimum– 240mm (9.45 inches) maximum with a capacity of up to 2.8 litres (0.739 USgall).



The 16mm thickness satin-finish Chrome steel door is fitted with a high security anti-tamper lock and a sensitive intruder alarm.


We have developed a lock that does not require a key that is either large or uncomfortable in use and is easily carried or hidden.



The strongbox comes fitted with an accessory set for installation in the floor to prevent dust or liquid entering the safe and to permit the use of a camouflage cover (for example tiles, laminate floors, drainage cover, ornamental plants, furniture and other decorative items).


The construction is designed to achieve a solid installation and to guarantee it cannot be removed, therefore providing a high level of security.


It is the safe to meet the needs of today, the ideal way to guard securely your irreplaceable sentimental and valuable belongings.

  • Hidden and Camouflaged

    The first safe able to be both hidden and camouflaged.

  • Depth adjustable

Can be adjusted to the depth of the wall or floor thanks to the telescopic construction.

  • Armoured door

    The thickness of the door and the anti-tamper system make it invulnerable.

  • Ergonomic key

    Thanks to the design of the high security lock we have developed a key that is easy to carry and use.

  • Suitable for Wall or Floor mounting

    Includes accessories for in-floor installation.

  • Satin-finish Chrome Steel

    Constructed completely in satin-finished Chrome Steel.