Aarum Curve

Aarum Curve, innovation and security


Designed especially for larger volumes and ideal for concealing in the floor, with a capacity of up to 10.7 litres (2.82USgalls)

The body is made of 3mm satin-finished chrome steel and ABS. Weighing only 4.2 kilos (9.259 lbs) and being the first lightweight safe that is easy to transport and install, additionally helping the environment.



The versatility allows you to adjust the depth to suit the work, achieving an easy and very secure installation.


The door is constructed in satin-finish chrome steel, 16mm thick, fitted with a high security stainless steel closure, consisting of an automatic system of anti-intrusion locks and 7mm bolts, and a high security lock.

It is supplied with an ergonomic security key, which allows for easy carrying or concealment.


It comes with an accessory set for installation in the floor, which prevents dust or liquid entering the safe and allows for the strongbox to be camouflaged (for example by tiles, laminate floors, drainage cover, ornamental plants, furniture and other decorative items).


The design has been specifically developed to produce a strongbox ideal for hidden installation.


It has been manufactured to achieve a solid forged strongbox, to guarantee it cannot be removed, thus providing a higher level of security.


A strongbox built to keep a larger volume of contents secure, to meet the needs of today. 

  • Ideal for floor installation

    Designed for floor installation which offers the opportunity for concealment.

  • World Innovation

    The development of the construction represents a revolution in the innovation and concept of safes and strongboxes.

  • Depth adjustable

    Benefits from a telescopic capacity to offer versatility in installation.

  • Sealed joint

    Fitted with a water-tight and rustproof seal.

  • High security

    Subjected to the strictest tests of security against break-in, for both the lock and the door.

  • Security, versatility and elegance at the best price

    Design, security and versatility together with an affordable price to safeguard your secrets and valuables.